Sounds like you are off on an intriguing journey. Your listening stance has obliged me to say something.

My integral perspectives emerged out Maslow, Richard Bucke's "Cosmic Consciousness," Teilhard's Noosphere, Buckminster Fuller's comprehensive anticipatory design science, and Evelyn Underhill's stages of spiritual development in her book "Mysticism." The various threads of integral & metamodern perspectives continue to nourish my perspective.

What I would like to see out of the integral and metamodern thought is a unifying superordinate objective that would energize people across worldviews to collaborative and cooperative action. It needs to be expressed in the form of a sentence, an elevator speech, and long works of complexity.

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I like the way you're thinking on this topic and I wish I had an immediate suggestion for such a unifying superordinate objective. I think it's a lot easier to bringing people together for a common end in the first tier where everybody thinks they have the whole truth (build the Kingdom of God! explode shareholder value! save the world from climate change!) rather than the much more subtle and nuanced theories of the 2nd tier.

I will add your remarks to my listening tour book.

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