I am a strong voice in the movement for a metamodern integral evolutionary catholic worldview and spiritual practice. Having discovered Integral philosophy in 2004, I have written a memoir, criticism, blogs, a novel, and an epic poem by going “meta”.

  • Metamodern: I mean that I overcome the deficits of postmodernity by reapproaching premodern and modern wisdom and integrating them into a new synthesis that brings together body, mind, and spirit in self, culture, and nature. It is an embrace of seemingly opposite qualities such as unity and plurality.

  • Integral: I mean that the basis of my philosophy of life is informed by: the modern spirit of scientific inquiry, criticism, and humbleness of knowledge; the postmodern passion for lifting up those who are left out; and the Great Traditions which are constantly evolving to meet the challenges of a world in crisis.

  • Evolutionary: I understand that the spirit of evolution infuses life with all its dynamic polarities while bestowing upon us free will to make choices of forgiveness and healing that can reconcile them. Some call this process Integral Spirituality, Cosmic Christ, Evolutionary Vedanta, and so on.

  • Catholic: I embrace Truth, Goodness, and Beauty wherever they are found, including Roman Catholicism and Daoist Confucianism. My ultimate concern is the Way that is (paradoxically) both supremely mysterious and also reasonably knowable/intuitable, and identical with Love and Liberation.

My books:

My work:

  • Writer of technical documentation

  • Freelance editorial consultant

  • Ordained Integral Minister

  • Integral community writer/activist

My education:

  • California Institute for Human Science

  • Harvard University (bachelor’s)

  • The Divinity School at The University of Chicago

  • Esoteric Theological Seminary (MDiv)

  • Pacific Integral/L.I.O.S. of Seattle

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“The Construct Cowboy”

A fan once gave me the badass nickname “Construct Cowboy” owing to my manly expertise for corralling different symbolic systems into a cohesive, well-behaving herd with the lasso of integrative metatheory. Okay, it wasn’t a fan. It was me.

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