Soulfully Gay

A spiritual chronicle focused on 14 months in my life in which I develop a new outlook on life, God, and everything in the midst of encountering many challenges and developing an Integral philosophy of life.

(Integral Books/Shambhala, 2007)

The Kalendar: Book One: The Black Stone

A genre-defying combination of epic poem and novel, The Kalendar tells a story of a lost magical language and the last boy who could speak it. (The first in a planned series of books with a now-uncertain future.)

(Integral Publishers, 2016)

Rising Up (Lulu)

A collection of short writings from my blogs mainly in 2005-2006, focusing on cultural criticism. In this book, I advance the argument that the best approach to social change is a spiritual methodological pluralism.

(Lulu, 2006)


A planned series of books exploring a sort of unitive philosophical language of subtle energy. First articulated in an unpublished 2010 white paper, Lingua-U is based on the symbols of the Chinese mystery classic, Taixuanjing.

(Unpublished, A Work in Progress)